Many of you have asked us to explain the cause of Pastor Meyer's death. In truth, only God fully knows. In brief, it appears that he developed a type of mycosis from ordinary mold that is air born and common enough so that all of us deal with it. Usually, our immune systems are strong enough to withstand this mold, but for some reason, Pastor Meyer had difficulty.

A few days before Memorial Day, Pastor began having excruciating headaches. He had been suffering severe headaches for many weeks already, had a surgery for sinusitis in April, and then lost sight in his left eye, but these new headaches were beyond any ordinary pain. It felt like his head was going to explode. We would cry out to God, and God helped him again and again. But the headaches would always come back.

Other things had gone wrong, too. He had been unable to sleep soundly for weeks. Later, we found out he was suffering from an undiagnosed bronchitis and had suffered mini strokes. On June 1st after a MRI, he suffered a major stroke and ended up in a coma. The Lord took him home on June 8th.

We all thank God for this remarkable man that we loved so very much. Even when Pastor Meyer was gravely ill, he kept on doing whatever he could for the Kingdom of God. He loved his work and the people that he reached with great intensity. I, as his wife, also thank God for him and the wonderful example of his life. I rejoice that I could work at his side and glean from his knowledge and love for God. His last conscious moments there in the hospital room were spent praying quietly and singing one of his beloved hymns.

Shirley Meyer


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